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21 Jul 2015

Exterior paint – after more than 20 years, it still looks like painted yesterday

KefaTherm Exterieur - building before and 10 years after KefaTherm Exterieur - building before and 10 years after

Long lasting protection of your exterior facade.

KefaTherm Exterior is a very long lasting exterior paint that will last even if you have serious problems with damp, peeling paint and plaster, algae and moss. Get rid of those problems with KefaTherm Exterior.

Insulating and moisture regulating

KefaTherm exterior is actually not paint, but you can apply it like a normal paint - an easy solution to the most difficult problem you have - damp. KefaTherm Exterior is a special coating with some unique features, like insulating capacities (to keep out hot and cold), moist regulating features (not just breathable, but absorbing) so the moist inside the wall can evaporate into the free. The Kefa-System does not contain any toxic or fungicide content, so you will not pollute your indoor climate or the outside when using Kefa products. Kefa-System are natural products, and are working because of pure physics.

The KefaTherm Exterior paint is working always because of that, and will keep your facade free from moist and dirt - and that for a very long time.

More than words

The images on the top of the site are of a building that was renovated in the year 2002.

• On the left side you can see some bad moisture damage on the wall.
• On the right side you can see an image of the building taken in 2012 - 10 years after the renovation, and it looks as if it was painted just yesterday.

House painted in 1993, photo taken in 2007

The images to the right - house renovated and painted with KefaTherm Exterior in 1993.

• The house is located on a steep hillside and had constant problems with algae and mold.
• The high burden of moisture on the walls also caused the paint to peel.
• The owner did clean and repaint the house every two or three years.
• After treatment with KefaTherm Exterior the walls have been problem-free for more than 20 years and the surface still looks like new. (1. Photo was taken in 2007, 2. Photo 2015) Please click on photo to enlarge.

Why is that?

House painted in 1993, photo taken in 2015KefaTherm Exterior does just the opposite of what all other paints do – it lets the wall breathe.
If you have read my other articles, you know that the bricks are the best building material to use when it comes to the construction of houses (And here I mean healthy ones). No other building material evaporates moisture quicker that bricks! – Sorry I forgot, yes there is another, it’s the Kefa-System.

You create your own problems

But what happens when you paint your exterior wall with normal paint? You will destroy the absolute brilliant feature of the brick, and you are instead making a water reservoir inside your wall, with a lot of moist and damp problems to come, not to forget that the wall will lose its insulation capabilities when its full of water, which will mean you will freeze in the wintertime, because the wall will be impossible to heat up.

So if you have moist and damp problems on your exterior wall - falling off paint and plaster, it is time to paint with KefaTherm Exterior – not only you will get a healthier house, you will also get rid of having to paint every year or every other year - take a look at the photos again, every five years we will post an image of these buildings to show that our paint is working, also in the long run.

Call now

Call Francisco now and order you paint on 63 49 000 53, or send us a message with your requirements and we will help you solve your problems with your facade.

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