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21 Jan 2015

The secret of success is pure physics

Common anti mold paint vs BioRid Interior anti mold treatment Common anti mold paint vs BioRid Interior anti mold treatment

Expanded volcanic rock, is the main component in all our surface coatings.

Volcanic stone - nature's own product, formed by lava from prehistoric volcanic eruptions.

Microporous coatings that permanently stop problems caused by moisture like mold, bacteria, condensation and noise in everything from submarines to housing - and from industry to wind turbines, ships, containers etc

We use nature's own physique, to ensure dry surfaces.
The materials that are microporous transports moisture, breaks the surface tension and lets moisture evaporate naturally back into the air.

Moist surfaces and moistened masonry has a decisive influence on the indoor climate and energy consumption.

Condensation, contaminate food in the food industry, and damaging goods and property.

Moisture damage is calculated annually in astronomical amounts.
Mold, bacteria and noise affect health negatively.

Our products are used in more than 40 countries. We work closely with our colleagues, both nationally and internationally. We share knowledge and continue the further development of our products.


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